Hot tubs and spas are an exciting addition to your San Diego home. You can spend cool nights under the stars, relaxing with the spa jets running or have a great spot for parties when entertaining friends. However, there are a few things you need to consider before installing your hot tub and the experts at Steven C. Poston are here to help you in that process.

Steven C. Poston Electrical has installed hundreds of spas and hot tubs in the neighborhood and this expertise allows us to make sure your electrical system can handle the addition of the hot tub safely. When not installed properly, hot tubs can cause costly and possibly even dangerous issues down the road. That’s why we are the best choice when installing your hot tub or spa.

Things to take into consideration before installing your hot tub/spa:

  • Most hot tub installations need 110V or 240V power.
  • The 240V spas require a #6 gauge wire and are 50 amp rated
  • Hot tubs can’t be installed under power lines
  • Power shut off switches are required to be installed within view of the spa
  • Hot tubs have to be properly grounded and require ground fault protection or GFCI.

Keep your family safe and avoid costly repairs later on by hiring a professional like Steven C. Poston Electrical to install your hot tub or spa. We guarantee our work and can help you problem solve installation issues if they arise. Our number one priority is your safety and satisfaction, so call us today for more information on your hot tub installation.