Ceiling fans are a great addition to your San Diego home. With cooling bills soaring in our neighborhoods, installing a ceiling fan can be a great way to save energy and money while still cooling your home. By adjusting the fan to run counter clockwise, you are able to cool a room by at least a few degrees instead of cranking the air conditioning. When the fan is switched to run clockwise, the fan pulls warm air down from the ceiling, saving you money on your heating bill.

Although home owners will often try and install ceiling fans themselves, it’s really best to have a professional handle your fan installation. This is because with the heavy weight of most ceiling fans, they need a junction box to make sure they are safely and securely attached to your ceiling.

Next time you are sitting in a stale room that needs some fresh air, call Steven C. Poston Electrical to install your new ceiling fans. As your neighborhood electrician, we are fast, reliable and experienced and can safely and quickly go to work for you.